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Title: Call Me Doctor
Author: duck
Rating: NC-17 // AC
Pairing: Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant(/Billie Piper)
Summary: David makes a slip-up during sex with interesting results.
Words: 740
Note: I think this is a crack!fic. Written on a dare from misscam. Oh well. It was inevitable that I infect Doctor Who with RPF. Short, crackified RPF, but still RPF. Unbeta'd.


All in all, not one of his finer moments he’d admit. It was embarrassing enough to call out someone else’s name while in bed, but to call out someone’s character name? Congratulations, David, this is one for the record books: most spectacular display of being an arse in the bedroom. Or dressing room, as the case may be. Sometimes getting some in between scenes was just so difficult.

“What did you call me?” Chris’s voice was low and rough, and the way his lips brushed against David’s ear made him shiver. He’d also stopped at a rather, ah, intimate point, and while the sudden lack of friction was problematic, there was that delightful feeling of being filled to make up for it.

“I may or may not have called you ‘Doctor,’” David answered, twisting his head around to meet Chris’s eyes. God, did he have an intense gaze. Man could melt under that. “Sorry?” he ventured.

To his surprise, Chris gave him a wide grin. “You’re such a…what’s the word?”

“Pervert? Freak? Fanboy?”

“That’s it, fanboy. You’re such a Doctor Who fanboy. Bet you fantasized about this when you were a kid.” He leaned over and bit down gently on the skin of David’s neck. David shuddered and threw his head back as Chris resumed his thrusting, making sure to push his hips against the wall with hands that were none-too-gentle about their business.

“Can’t say it was this exactly,” David panted out. “Always wanted to play the Doctor. Didn’t know you from Adam.”

“I bet you secretly wanted the Doctor to take you into the TARDIS and give you a good and proper shag.”

David let out a sort of harsh, grunting laugh that he wasn’t sure he’d recognize as his own. “And Mum and Da thought I was in love with Romana.” He groaned and had to hold back a louder exclamation as to exactly how much he liked it when Chris pounded that hard into him. No, it wouldn’t do for anyone to find that out.

Chris buried his face in David’s hair and whispered, “Go ahead then. Call me Doctor.”


“Sure, Doc-tor,” Chris replied, drawling out the name like a Dalek. David felt his hair stir as Chris let out a breathy laugh. “Worked for Billie, too.”

“What?!” David tried to twist around, but found himself pinned against the wall by the other man. He gave up after a few seconds of struggle. “Well, this is certainly news. You shag all your costars?”

“Only the pretty ones.” Chris was definitely amused by the situation. David wasn’t so much.

“Planning on telling me any time soon?”

“I just did!” Chris said, sounding vaguely hurt. What he had to be hurt about, David wasn’t quite sure.

“You could have told me before all this started!” David said indignantly. Managing the indignation was quite a feat considering the position in which he found himself. “And certainly not in the middle of the sex! ‘Hey, I know we’re shagging and all, but I just thought I’d tell you I hooked up with Billie bloody Piper a while back! And she loved to call me the same thing you do!’”

David would have loved dearly to hear Chris’s reply, but unfortunately his door opened and Billie herself stuck her head in. Oh, this was going to end very badly for all involved.

“Did I hear my…oh…” She stopped and gave them a frankly assessing look. David glowered at her, but he could see Chris giving her a cheeky grin out of the corner of his eye.

“David’s being a bit of a whiny prat. D’you think you could shut him up?”

“Hey--” David tried to protest, but Chris cut him off with another thrust and a savage, all-encompassing kiss. David hated it when he did that; all coherent thought fled from his brain like it was being chased by the Autons. Bloody unfair.

When Chris released his lips, he found an eager and willing blond co-star ready to take over. “And I suppose I’m to call you ‘Rose,’ then?” David asked before she could dart in.

“Oh, absolutely, Doctor,” she said, sticking her tongue out between her teeth and giving him a salacious look. “Two Doctors at once. This is my lucky day.”

David sighed and gave up on ever making sense of his relationship with either person; it was as futile as trying to talk philosophy with a Dalek.


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