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An unknown? I like that.

Okay, a mostly unknown, of the hi-I'm-not-on-anyone's-radar-to-play-this-"iconic"-character. He used the word iconic quite a bit. And "weird." Heh, I think I'm going to like him quite a bit. He's less than a year older than I am too, which is interesting.

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I think I am going to die of impatient waiting before 1735 British-time tomorrow. And I have to work the mid shift overnight with a Zulu time (GMT) clock torturing me.

I'm still holding out hope for Rachel Weisz. Don't break my dreams.
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A Passing Fancy

I haven't said anything in like...uh, actually lets not go into how long it's been since I said anything. Series 4 of Doctor Who had just started, I hadn't visited Colorado (multiple times), I hadn't been promoted, I had only heard of this "Twilight" thing as a vague concept of Something With Which I Should Not Become Involved, and I wasn't yet going COMPLETELY BATSHIT INSANE.

That was me not going into it. Ahem. Anyhow, anr sent me an actual message pleading for entrance to svu_rpf -- though why anyone would want it, I don't know -- and I clicked on over to LJ to approve the request. Stupid mistake. No, no...not the approval; should've done that ages ago (and my apologies for not having done it sooner). But now I've been surfing around LJ for several hours listening to the Twilight Soundtrack and being aimless. What? Don't judge me.

I figured I should say something about [insert David Tennant spoilers here], or maybe how ungodly hot and completely improbably a Cedric/Barty Jr. fic would be. I said don't judge me.

Yep, sure is December outside.
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On music, Ood, and gleeful things.

So I actually read some reactions to "Planet of the Ood" before I sat down to write my own, and I'm not going to contribute to the discussions because I don't want to start a fight. I'm in an agressive mood and I'd probably end up really wanky or something. I am however going to discuss music and Doctor Who, and also how awesome the Ood/Donna/the Doctor/that guy from Notting Hill are.

Mostly I'm just going to ramble about music again.

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In other news, Six Feet Under is an amazing show and I can't believe I've waited this long to discover it. Done with the first season and seriously angry that I didn't buy more than the first two when they were on sale at Best Buy last week.
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obligatory Doctor Who reaction post. a day late and a doctor short.

Lately I've been stuck laughing at the "I has a bucket! Noooo they be stealing my bucket!" elephant seal Lolcat. First of all, NO, I have no idea why it's so funny. It just tends to send me into hysterics and at work we get very giggly around three or four in the morning and I start saying things like "I has a chair. Nooo they be stealing my chair!" and for some reason it is hilarious. I think it might be the caffeine and the whole mid shift thing.

Anyway, point of that is that sometimes I want to make a Lolcat-type thing with the Doctor and Rose hugging on one side and Pete grabbing her from the end of Doomsday on the other side. It would of course say "I has a companion! Nooo they be stealing my companion!"

Meh, the market for that humor might be a little small.

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I really want to go to bed, but I have to stay up all day to switch back to the day schedule for a couple days for a class, then try to switch back to mids for regular work again. Urg.

Also, a mix CD of Billie Piper after 12 hours of work is amazingly cheerful and adds a boost of happy to leaving work. Also, additional happy from breaking all my co-workers' brains with it, especially when they won't. Shut-up. About. World of Warcraft. All my co-workers are males, by the way.
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doctor who - ex-ter-mi-nate!


[bounces impatiently]

Where's Doctor Who? You'd think a file of the episode would have been stuck up on a torrent by now.

[bounces more impatiently]


C'mon! I have to go to work soon and I wanted to have the download done when I got home tomorrow so I could watch it before I crashed the hell out. Don't let me down, crazy/wonderful/nerdy/enthusiastic fandom.

ETA: mininova for the win!
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get fuzzy

enragement = empowerment

So over the last couple weeks I've been reading the building wankstorm of:

ZOMG RADICAL FEMINIST YO! vs. Feminism is good, but chill out vs. holy fuck, calm down, you crazy people

It's been kind of amusing, so naturally I have things to say. Also, I may or may not have just made a comment in one of the debates. So here's my obligatory entry.

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Strangely enough, this has made me curl up into a little het-defensive ball on the floor. The kind that screams "LEAVE MY DOCTOR/ROSE SQUEE ALONE!!!"

I know they're my OTP, but this is vaguely embarassing. And also mildly confusing, as slash is the target and not het.


Wait, so you're saying any attack on any radical-feminist-approved-sexuality is an attack on my sexuality? Well, SHIT!

Also, I think this undermines me from the start, but I'm giving in to the temptation here and now to call these radical feminists cheesy stupidheads that like to eat their own farts. I feel this is the level upon which they've engaged me, so I welcome their return volley.

To break slash down for the people that dun ge't:
1 penis + 1 penis = 2 much fun!

ya fun!


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